pussy game too strong.

i'm natalie. this is all silly.
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I’m really feeling my new desktop wallpaper. theoriginalsettler letmejusttellyou 

You get a free shot with your beer here so it looks like I found my new favorite bar in Williamsburg. (at Post Office Bar)

New new best friend.

New best friend.

Naaahhn Innnwennngaa Bagiyhi Baba… 🌅

It’s let sleeping dogs lie, not cats. #forcedfridaynightfun

WWJD? Jet would lay down. #herostatus

Dem ears tho. #vscocam

There’s a lot going on here. #tbt

The chillest cat in the world. #jet

Instant besties. #truedetectiveseason2



Jonah Chill. Portland, OR.

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