pussy game too strong.

i'm natalie. this is all silly.
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Best birthday ever! (at Matilda The Musical on Broadway)

1st roommate pic ever 1 minute into my 32nd year. #math (at Kettle of Fish)

The only neighbor I’m interested in being friends with.


I have so many feelings right now. (at Rocket Pig)



Dude. We are so good at friendship


This guy is a senior editor at Buzzfeed and I am about that life.

callmetacos - is this you from the future live tweeting the 1D concert that you’re going to in LA bc i think this is literally everything that you would/have/will tweet 

(via ronswansonismymentor)

3 minutes later it was run over by a van while crossing the street to the L train. #RIPhipsterballoon

bff (at Central Park, New York)

Gatsby is still learning how to do this selfie thing. (at Central Park, New York)

So many butts. (at Carl Schurz Park)


Sia - Chandelier


Happiest dog ever.

New York’s hottest new night club, the Central Corridor at Penn Station. (at MTA Long Island Rail Road)

Lobster roll with me. (at Lobster Roll Northside)